Xi - The Glow Of Televison

Leeds based rockers Xi caught the attention of US label ZIP records with their single 'Faceless' now they're releasing their debut album 'The Glow Of Television' in the UK.

Their blend of indie and alternative rock is hard to describe. It's not mainstream but it's not inaccessible, it's catchy, well performed and well written. It has heaps of appeal and is bound to win over practically everyone. Every so often you're hit with heavy guitar riffs that put you in mind of Linkin Park.

'Faceless' has an incredibly catchy chorus that gets you singing along straight away, it's the sort of track that could easily rival big US rock acts. There are plenty of heavy basslines, pounding drum beats and heavy guitars on 'The Glow Of Television' but there are also plenty of melodic sections to balance it out. There's absolutely nothing on this release that makes you think it's a debut effort, it is incredible well produced and after listening to it seems obvious that Xi can't remain an unknown band for much longer. When these guys play a show down south I will definitely be there to watch.

'The Glow Of Television' is full of impressive alt rock that's packed with riffs and hooks. These guys have enough commercial appeal to become 2007's answer to Orson.