Basicly metal

Daymares, like nightmares but for nightshift workers. It's a funny old job this reviewing lark, sometimes you get an album that redefines your perception of rock, right out of nowhere an album lands on your desk from a band you've never heard of and you can't believe your luck, you listen and find lost treasure, an album of such momentous proportion that you tell everyone you know to get it and join you on the road to enlightenment.

Then there are bands like Daymares, a band that has managed to blag a record deal and put out a cd so inept you listen in wonder at how they got the thing financed at all. Daymares apparently formed in late 2006. Late 2006! Within six months they've got together, played a bit, nailed a record deal, written and recorded the thing and managed to get it on my desk in less than six months.

Blimey does it show, if I went to my local pub and dragged whichever rock band I found there into a recording studio the results would be something along these lines. Daymares are basic heavy metal, with a grunty singer. They're a bit hardcore and punk too. When I say basic I mean basic, as in the band sound like they can just about get to the end of the song without cocking it up. The song have almost nothing to recommend them being erm...basic.

Daymares are from Poland, I've had a couple of cd's from there and so far I've not been too impressed, Sweden and Finland are churning out top notch bands with alarming regularity, I can't believe Poland hasn't got any good ones, come on folks send over something that actually rocks and sounds like it was written rather than thrown together in an afternoon.

Apparently, Daymares wanted their music "raw and rough with a sound that would inspire people to start breaking shit" well you got the raw and rough bit sorted, by design or because it was all you could manage is open to interpretation, as for people wanting to break shit, I'm starting with this cd and working my way over to your instruments.

As I said the production is workmanlike at best and is fairly fitting for the quality of material on show, you just can't clean up some things no matter how hard you rub, luckily they didn't really try.
Any nice things to say? Track seven isn't as bad as the others and at least shows some potential for the future assuming they have one.