Hard to recommend this dull affair.

Its been over ten years now since Idlewild formed and there has been a rollercoaster ride for the band with regards to press and fan acclaim. Although the band still makes the right noises, there is a feeling that a large percentage of the bands earlier believers have ebbed away from then now and their recent album release, 'Make Another World' somehow slipped out into the world without too much of a fanfare. When you're on a new label, that's not what you hope to be happening and its hard to fathom out whats left for Idlewild these days.

New single 'A Ghost In The Arcade' does very little to suggest that a full renaissance is on the cards for the band. It's a dark and angry little track, the guitar riff opening the song sounding like a keyboard run but as soon as Woombles vocals kick-in, it could be any track from any number of years from the band. Not saying that the frontman has lost interest, he always did have a quieter manner about him but theres no fire or spark available here and even the chorus seems rather muted. The drums flail around a bit but if it wasn't for the guitars there would be little of note here at all.

So its looking like Idlewild aren't going to come roaring back into the hearts and minds of the record buying public with this track which is a shame but on this form, it wouldn't really be deserved anyway.