Sadly Let Down

English Punk/Hardcore punk band Gallows, recently released the track 'Abandon Ship'. If you expect a great song with this track you would be wrong. Musically, the band has a lot of talent. There is an explosive opening followed by some amazing guitars riffs. The way the track slows down for the bridge only to speed up again for the chorus is a great sound; "I want to drown myself in you tonight."

Unfortunately, the track is seriously let down by the disappointing vocals. It sounds like the vocalists, if you can call them, are just screaming the lyrics, not singing them. They are dangerously letting the Brit punk scene down. Imagine being at a gig, unpolished vocals may be acceptable live; but this is the quality of this recorded track. Without being very good at it. Towards the end, the lyrics "No I never loved you anyway" are screamed and I'm inclined to agree.