Hadouken! Liquid Lives

*** Warning *** If you are a non-drinker it is recommended that you do not listen to this track. If you are fond of a drink or three, you could probably relate to some of the lyrics here; Stomach tuning, drinking, smoking, my head is spinning etc. Hadouken! is a British independent band, formed in 2006. Their music is a combination of Grime/New Rave/indie, often incorporating samples from Nintendo Game Boy sounds. With your first listen your likely to be thinking what in the world is this, as it is a very strange track.

The collision of grimy beats and razor-sharp lyrical dissection of nightlife in Liquid Lives, paints a picture of high street happy hour chain pub hell. The lyrcis are very cleavy put together, refering to the alcohol consumption that we Brits love! "our liquid lives, this is how we all survive." After the initial electro opening, the song is actually quite catchy. You may not be able to sing along to, but could quite easily dance to it.