A Thorn-y issue

Do you remember Everything But The Girl's international hit single "Missing"? Well, one half of the duo responsible for arguably one of the most miserable hit singles of the past fifteen years is back. After a rather lengthy hiatus you'd expect something a little special so you'd be forgiven for being just a touch under-whelmed by this comeback single. A dreary but inoffensive slice of electro-house that sounds not unlike a *shudder* Annie Lennox solo single "Raise The Roof" is pedestrian pop for the BBC Radio 2 market. Perfect dinner party fare it may be but it's hardly going to set the world alight and Thorn's voice while mildly pleasant doesn't suggest exuberant party-starting shenanigans. I'll be filing this under "forgettable" and thanking my lucky stars that I'm not in the market for reviewing the album (especially if this is the pick of the bunch).