Reasonable debut single

I remember seeing Twofold playing live with Lucky Thirteen as support for Hundred Reasons a while ago – I was fairly impressed, and marked them as a band I’d keep my eye on in the future. So now they’ve finally released their debut single ‘Hammer To The Hornets Nest’, have they managed to sound as vital in a studio environment?

The CD has a very ‘live’ feel to it, which suggests that they’ve tried hard to replicate their show intensity on disc; a bit of echo here and some rough edges there – it’s just like it’s being played in your local sweatpit. It’s actually been produced by Hundred Reasons axeman Larry Hibbitt, and also features a guest appearance from Capdown’s Jake Sims-Fielding, whose sax-work embellishes Twofold’s old-school punk sensibilities.

The single itself is filled with radio-friendly riffs and an uplifting sing-along chorus that sees all four band members get involved with the vocals (yes, even the drummer), but it’s with b-side ‘Breath Is The Weapon / Rock In The Disjoint’ that things get really interesting. The opening ‘Breath Is The Weapon’ half of the song is filled with awkward, discordant guitar lines and choppy time signatures – it’s not quite Converge, but it’ll give people who’ve just heard the single a bit of a shock.