Kitsch and Cute

Sweet psychedelic pop that will beam you into a trance like world of vivid colours and blissful, bubbling synth textures where nothing can hurt you and cotton wool sheep probably leap over patchwork fields in pastel shades; infact the track was written about the Scottish Highlands, which I've always though quite wild and rather the opposite of this shiny song. The chorus of, "I can see a rainbow in the sky" is beautiful, but in a particularly effervescent and slightly cheesy way. If breezy vocal harmonies and shimmering electronica aren't your thing, then it's definitely best to steer away from this one as it's likely to be a "like it or hate it" job.

There are 5 remixes but when the tune consists of that many synth styles itself, remixes only tend to obliterate the tune with busy beats and I can't say that any of these are outstanding.