A Dreamy Debut

Taken By Trees is the new project from Victoria Bergman of The Concretes, the talented young singer teams up with Bjorn and John of Peter, Bjorn and John as well as a whole host of other gifted musicians who add an impressive array of different sounds.

Where 'delicate' sometimes stands for 'dull', Victoria brings the word to life as the careful melodies, while tender and soft also have a real spark, 'Julia' for example has an offbeat edge provided by showers of synth sounds adding a metallic edge to the mellow folk melody

'The Legend' opens with an epic tingle of cymbals and the wonderful opener, "There was a legend about this woman", it's a beautiful tune with a warm tribal drumbeat that adds excitement and colours the mythic appeal. Breathy and sweet, 'Hours Pass Like Centuries' containing the a wispy backing vocal about trees pretty much epitomises the magical, lilting feel of Taken By The Trees' tunes; calling you to follow the performers into some mystical glade where music paints pleasant landscapes.

'Lost And Found' is far more jaunty with a buoyant piano backing, while the spritely flute of, 'Open Field' indeed conjures images of wholesome days skipping in grassy English fields, a little brass and some wonderful flourishes soon embellish this dignified tune that could easily feature on the soundtrack to a travel film. The quirky, 'Too Young' is another highlight with tinny percussion, twinkling keys and a soothing melody with so much echo on the vocals that it sounds a little like Victoria is underwater, fitting with the overwhelming natural imagery of the album. 'Cedar Trees' wooden xylophone melody and cute lyrics, "Will you be my friend?" give it a childish, but charming feel which also colours much of 'Open Field'.

Taken By Trees' balmy melodies flicker with insight and a true love of music, but occasionally lack passion or excitement for anyone who isn't a dedicated folk fan. Victoria Bergman is clearly a consummate performer and songwriter, but this is an album best left for lazy days pottering around the house or a laid back glass of wine rather than partying.