Less Talk and More Action Please!

When you're able to boast music industry accolades like being on Ozzy Osbourne's Christmas card list and being married to a bi-sexual porn star, you have to have the substance to back up the talk and retro electro duo Scarlet Blonde aren't quite there yet.

'Bedroom Superstars' is a good single, but the fact that the pair obviously have access to plenty of advice from music royalty should make it more than good. The lyrics seem somewhat hypocritical for a band trying to break the music world, "Everyone wants to be the superstar", "They think they're God's gift to the music world, but they're just little boys in a little world"; by all means insult the opposition when you're big enough to, but for Scarlet Blonde it seems a little premature and won't endear them to many people. A visceral blend of heavy electro beats and 80's vocals that whisk you back in time, it's a catchy tune that wouldn't be out of place in any disco. Style is something that Scarlet Blonde are evidently hot on, but from this one dance stomper alone, it's hard to tell if their sound has any substance.