Make sure your player is shock proof and your floor can take a hammering! 'Keep It Hot' is the first track on The Casanovasí EP, and from the first chord this hard and fast number will have you banging the boards and grabbing your air guitar. Extreme speed is the trademark of The Casanovas, and they use the metal pedal here.

However 'Nasty' is anything but that. Heavy on the guitar work and even
heavier on the drums, itís the one you want in your head on replay. Then thereís 'Wonít Go Down'Ė a little Stones-ish in places, yet speeded up. But hell, that isn't a bad thing! And 'Too Cool' is too cool. Think of The Ramones with a harder edge and youíll get close.

At this point you will be amazed, bruised and wanting more so donít let the intro to '10 Outta 10' fool you. This is another great demonstration of machinegun axe work and A-bomb drumming. If Angus Young has a musical double he could be hiding in this number.

Nothing complicated in this review, as thereís nothing complicated about The Casanovas. This is pure, overwhelming adrena-rock! With five tracks of flame The Casanovas donít just 'Keep It Hot', They MELT it!