Well Worth A Listen

Texas indie rockers Spoon are now on their 6th album, 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga', thankfully it's not as illiterate as the title may make out. A smooth blend of psychedelic pop and bright college rock creates an unamibitious but pleasing record that lasts for a mere 37 minutes - a short, sharp blast that leaves no time for daydreaming.

Opener, 'Don't Make Me A Target' is clearly a radio friendly tune with its jagged guitar stabs and vicious vocal cries; it's a great start with plenty of flair in its rumbling piano riffs and catchy guitarwork. The rhythms in these tunes are what will catch you unaware and have you humming away for hours afterwards; the fractious vamping piano of 'The Ghost Of You Lingers' with its ghostly vocals and impromptu retro fuzz immediately contradicted with the starry swagger of, 'Your Got Yr, Cherry Bomb' with its busy assortment of instrumentation including chimes and warm brass.

The slow shimmying pace of 'Rhythm and Soul' is a definite highlight; its rumbling guitars and sparkling maracas are a sign of this band's exquisite instrumentation. You can guess the style of 'Eddie's Ragga' from the title, it's another variety offered by Spoon, but the slow vamping reggae rhythm is given an urgency and fresh feel by lingering vocals and whispering sighs. 'My Little Japense Cigarette Case' is a fuzzy blues rocker in fine style with flutters of what sounds like mandolin for authenticity.

Indie with a swagger and soul, Spoon are a smart band and have created something really special with 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga', an album that certainly doesn't outstay its welcome and manages to impart plenty of happiness in its short duration.