Indie ensemble are sure to turn heads for all the right reasons with this catchy caper

Bristolian six-piece Seagull Strange certainly win prizes for originality with regards to their interesting name. However, the indie ensemble are sure to turn heads for all the right reasons with this catchy caper, taken from their debut album 'Better Angels of Our Nature'.

The opening guitar riff instantly gets under the skin and proceeds to dominate the song throughout. Despite its simplicity, this is one infectious melodic hook that will have your head nodding for days. A mixture of indie and pop with a sinister alter ego, there are some serious dark undertones beneath the melodic hooks and edgy guitar, manifested in the lyrics, perhaps most strikingly "Heading into the morning sun with a crucifix and a gun". Frontman Dan Telling explains; "I like sinister lyrics where people aren't quite sure what you're talking about". Indeed, this single certainly upholds this statement.

The b-sides, 'Infested Waters', 'Black Day Dawning' and a remix of the a-side by producer Will Brownlie are all welcome additions to the release. 'Infested Waters' utilises a synthetic drumbeat and more subtle guitar work, discarding the pop leanings of 'La la la ley' for a more trip-hop style. 'Black Day Dawning' opens with electronic strings and contains a softer lyrical approach, before building towards a more layered climax. The Will Brownlie remix is an excellent rendition of the a-side. Rather than being a simple remix as an alternative to the original, it's complimentary; they appear to be completely different songs. Haunting strings and synths add a completely different dimension to the lyrics, with an almost militaristic beat enhancing the eerie atmosphere.

There's certainly plenty here that warrants purchasing this single. Not only is the main track a cracker that merit's a cult following on the live circuit, but the b-sides, the remix in particular, are also a great listen.