The Hair - Disco/Retro

The Hair is full of upfront exciting pop-orientated danceable rhythms and lyrics focused on the guy's early relationships and life experiences. After releasing their debut track Ghosts, this Yorkshire four piece return with their new single Disco/Retro.

The Hair play tribute to their 1980s upbringing and are heavily influenced by popular film and culture, and on this track, we have four minutes of electro/indie/pop. 'Disco/Retro' seems to be a fitting title for this track, as the elements seem to be varied. The chorus, 'I never liked, never liked disco, I never liked, I never got retro' much like the opinion of this reviewer, may be short and repetitive but very effective and will have you shaking you head and tapping your feet, and wanting to scream at the top of your lungs. The vocals throughout the track seem to fit ideally into the type of sound that you have here. At times vocals are calm, and others loud and upbeat.

This is the type of track you would expect to have remixes hitting the dance floor all summer long.