Latest single from Bristol band.

The single 'A Bit of Education' from Bristol band Undercut is released on indie label Distiller Recordings and its impact is a little like an assault on the senses. The song is understandably intense when you're aware the lyrics deal with the autobiographical mugging incident recently experienced by lead singer Johnny.

The sound is indie with the lid lifting off, snarling guitars with punchy hooks and thundering drums all of which combine to unsettle the listener as the events of the lyrics unfold. The vocals begin sounding fairly soft and distorted with a dose of the American in the delivery. By the chorus things are kicking up a notch as things get more serious and although the lyrics can be difficult to discern their intensity is clear. How strange to think that both of my most recent reviews have dealt with being the victim of a mugging? Backed with a video showing a graffiti artist painting the band's image onto any available surface, Undercut should certainly be noticed on the back of this song, particularly by the likes of the MTV2 and Kerrang! Music channels. And who wouldn't like the little gimmick of including a stencil of the band's logo with the single? If all of this appeals then try to catch Undercut live soon, and forgive them for their forgettable b-side. 'A Bit of Education' is certainly worthy of a few listens.