The Dodgems - Your're not what you used to be

As well as giving you a great time at the fun fair, the Dodgems are also the name of a Sheffield band that are about to release a download single, 'You're not what you used to be' which is loud, upbeat, fast paced and one heck of a tune. The dodgems music is an all out sensory assault designed to make your ears bleed and your eyes water with its loud and pounding beats.

This single bubbles with the confident vocals and roaring guitar playing of front many Phil Goodwin which is complemented by the dirty sounding rhythms of his brother Tom's organ lines. Beneath the all this is Eric Miller on drums and Chris Murray on bass, all of which set the pace for pounding guitars riffs and show some obvious musical talent. With its catchy chorus, electric opening, electric ending, and electric beat all the way through, this track is bound to be a crowd favourite and have fans screaming at gigs.