Open Your Ears and Minds To Rumblestrips

They are, without doubt, one of the best new bands in Britain; like a breath of fresh air. Now, The Rumble Strips release their fourth single, a truly wonderful piece of work. The Tavistock quartet let loose on the charts a ska propelled love song; bubbly and refreshing. A bouncy brand of acoustic guitar, piano, sax and trumpet (Girls and Boys In Love), plucked from the bands debut album "Girls And Weather", is probably their finest offering to-date.

It has the usual radiant vocals, the typical toe-tapping tempo and let's not forget to-die-for melodies that are key features of the Rumble Strips' music. A stroke of innovation here, a little experimentation there and the end product simply blows you away. The sense of joie de vivre from this track is purely beyond belief.

An immense, exuberant and truly remarkable song, "Girls And Boys In Love" is a bid for recognition from an often overlooked and unappreciated band. So, open your ears, open your hearts and open your minds to the alluring and truthfully incredible tones of The Rumble Strips.