Edgy and Electrified

Although the tracks on Yeah Yeah Yeah's new EP may not be new themselves, 'Is Is' stills offers a valuable insight into this influential and impressive band. It's an EP that has bite and grit from start to finish, beginning with the squealing metallic rage of 'Rockers To Swallow', which features thundering basslines, guitars that screech like they're being tortured and yelping, panting outbursts from Karen O. The lead track, 'Down Boy' has more of a discernible and forceful melody with hypnotically sweet vocals that soothe against the grungey guitars and percussion.

'Kiss Kiss' is an incisive rock tune with insistent guitar chords and pungent power, while 'Isis' has a distinctive Egyptian feel with droning rhythm and sly guitarwork below Karen O's vocal work, which casts her with the influence of the goddess. All of the tunes on this EP have an eerie force and are sure to rekindle interest in the trio, which will hopefully be followed up with some brand new tunes.