No Uncle Brian? Then get this one!

If you wanna wake up in the morning, put this on and hit the volume.

A frantic beat together with excellent lyrics connect well on the first track "Sorry", which will, at the very least, have you twitching in bed. Why? Because you can't help but react.

There's a shift in style in "About My Life" which is so well integrated into the number. This is excellent! It hurls your head one way and your body the other.

"No Way" and "New England" follow on at an infectious thumb trashing pace. Along with "Willow", which has lyrics that everyone can relate to - just listen, you'll get what I mean. The same goes for "The Good Life", with the lines: "I'm no different from you. Try to see things from my point of view." Has to be relevant to all of us, I'm sure.

Then there's the drumming in "Worst Case Scenario" that brings you back to the spirit of Uncle Brian. It's so furious that you'll break both your arms trying to play air drums.

A good title for the track "Around But Slightly Confused", as it is just that. Then it's back into a solid beat for the final number "Don't Give Up On Me", and if you're not out of the sack yet then you must be tied to it.

Eleven listed tracks on this album throw you out a bit 'coz there are twelve - the final one being an acoustic song. (I guess all albums have to have them.) After the previous tracks it's a bit like going from 100 to 10mph in one hit - weird! That being said as a number it is still consistent with the quality of the rest of the album.