Original art-rock.

"The Final Days Of Rome" is a dark pop infused art-rock three track of quirky riffs, mannered vocals and full distorted fuzz. It is possible to draw comparisons to Joy Division, Pixies and even perhaps Franz Ferdinand, but you'd only really be scratching the surface; for all the similarities it's possible to pick out, there are half a dozen differences.

This is a band with a sound all their own; the quiet-loud of 'This Changes Everything' probably has the catchiest tune, but the downbeat almost spoken vocal style and heavy washes of guitar twist your initial expectations and 'Attention: This Is Your Conscience Speaking' has a delicate and haunting riff amongst the dense noise which recalls the "Silent Hill" soundtracks. This mix of inspirations make them thankfully very hard to pin down, underneath the surface of poppy tunes a darker heart peeps through, one that's laced with melancholy and complex layers.