No Hope Astronaut

Kingston based rockers No Hope Astronaut are following in the footsteps of fellow Brit rockers Biffy Clyro with their new EP 'The Things You Build' by creating genre-crossing tracks.

No Hope Astronaut make sure every song is packed with catchy hooks and riffs. 'One Day I Stopped Breathing' sees the band take on a more metallic style of music and with frontman Joe Dowling's slightly whiny vocal style it sounds like a strange hybrid of Muse and Metallica, it should be great but there's something uninspiring about it, like there's something missing. Still, this track alone highlights the potential that No Hope Astronaut has.

Their blend of emo with a hardcore edge is intelligent and unique and there's no doubt in my mind that they are one of the most diverse up and coming bands in the UK today. Although their chugging guitars and heavy basslines sound great on CD, I can't help but think that to fully appreciate and understand No Hope Astronaut's music you need to see them perform live.

'The Things You Build' is a pretty complex release and you definitely can't appreciate all the styles on here with just one listen. There are aspects of this release that could have been better but there's definitely a lot of hope for No Hope Astronaut.