Catchy Pop Rock

The Glasgow scene has never looked stronger thanks to bands like The 1990s whose angular indie offerings sound fresh out the packet. 'You Made Me Like It' is a mix of sharp guitar stabs and carefree rock sensibility and a breezy flood of irreverent vocals, "TV cheats, herbal tea, money back guarantee", perhaps it's the band's shopping list, or the fruit of some kind of rapturous fit of clairvoyance that will seem like lyrical genius in years to come. In any case 'You Made Me Like It' serves up the necessary guitar pop punch and swiftly moves on to acoustic bside, 'Our Lady Of The Flowers'. The bside is a sparkling bar room ballad with acoustic guitar and piano backing sparkling behind the lamenting vocals, it's direct and gritty in contrast to the perfectly formed pop bubble of its partner.