Not without charm.

'Taken By Trees' is the name of (former lead singer of The Concretes) Victoria Bergsman's solo project. She released an album, 'Open Field' earlier this year and the 'Lost And Found' features two songs from that record as well as a brand new track. Genre-wise, Taken By Trees' music is varied but errs largely towards the pop-folk end of the musical spectrum.

Opening song 'Lost And Found' is the strongest, as one would expect given that it is the title track. Victoria's vocals instantly call to mind that of Scottish twee-pop folksters Camera Obscura's Tracyanne Campbell; as does the track's laid back and catchy modern folk sound. It isn't perhaps as memorable as one would expect at first listen, which could be taken as evidence of a lack of originality, but 'Lost And Found' is completely inoffensive and should at least lightly please both indie folk fans and those who prefer pop.

'Too Young TTA Way' has an odd title, as befits a rather odd track dominated largely by random electronic noises and African chants and drum beats. If it was intended to showcase that Ms Bergsman has more to offer than simple folk pop it has succeeded well but certainly fails to be the sort of song you'll rush to play over and over again. 'So Letting Go' operates in a different atmosphere again: most of the folk of 'Lost And Found' has gone to be replaced by electronic instruments and a rather irritating clapping of hands.

Ground-breakingly exciting 'The Lost And Found' is sadly not, but it nor is it entirely bland or without talent. Fans of The Concretes will undoubtedly enjoy giving it a listen and Taken By Trees may also find a place in the hearts of those who love such acts as Camera Obscura, Rilo Kiley and The December