Rough Diamonds That Rock Hard

‘I Get Along’ shows The Libertines at the best of their cutting edge sound with Carl performing his mic-eating vocals and enough axe work for two. This song has lyrics that really sum up these guys’ attitude: “I get along just singing my song, people tell me I’m wrong. Fuck ’em!”

‘The Delaney’ is one of those numbers that at first seems to be dominated by the vocals but is, in fact, a multilayered song and the strong guitar sound is never far away. By the end of it you will be singing your little heart out with Pete as he screams out the chorus.

Then we begin the ascent in to pure unadulterated punk with ‘Mayday’- nothing but a celebration of screaming vocals, devastating drum work and guitars that seem too tight to be heard- which will leave your head feeling “like a smashed window”.

The same goes for ‘Skag And Bone Man’, a head-hurling fight of a number. You want axe work that’s sounds like an AK-47 fires, you get it. You want drums played like an A-Bomb, you get it. Listen out for the conversation in the middle.

The Libertines make you gasp at their guitars and drool over their drums with vocal work that demands you listen. A great CD of five tracks that serve up this band fresh and furious. The Libertines – Rough Diamonds That Rock Hard!