Laid back

This EP could be the start of something for The Killin Kings. Hailing from South Wales they have a nice line in infectious melodic grooviness. Singer Danny Grimes sounds like Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics and the band as whole sound like them from time to time. They also have bits of Muse amongst others but don't let that put you off as overall they have a sound of their own.

As there are only three of them they all get a nice large chunk of mixing desk which allows the Bass guitar to stand out loud and proud with some great loping melodies, drummer Lauren compliments this with a varied and solid drum line that fits this style of Pearl Jam influenced rock.

The songs are well written and hang together as a set. Usually when a band brings out an ep there's one strong song on first and then they run out of ideas and record whatever else they've been playing live. In this case there isn't a bad song in the bunch and the fact that they manage to cover a range of emotions in the space of five songs says good things for a full length album.

If I had to pick my favourite track I'd go for Swan Dive, the other are good songs but Swan Dive just edges ahead with the best drumming and I can imagine that it drives this along live, it's a well thought out song that breaks down a couple of times only to rise up again in a heavy driving rock anthem kind of way, good one to save for the stadium gigs when you're huge and mega famous.

This isn't one for the death metallers out there but I'm sure you figured that out for yourselves with the Stereophonics reference however if you like slightly stoned rock with some good grooves then check this out, the whole ep is on their myspace page.