Dull and forgettable

I have to write 200 words about this single, it's in my contract. If it wasn't the review would look like this...

"Irritant steal a few maiden riffs and manage to create a song neither good nor bad, it just exists."

My editor says I'm fired if I don't expand upon that so here goes. I like to support UK bands especially if they're just starting out and getting going but I won't say something is good if it isn't, neither will I slate something which obviously has something going for it.

This single is somewhere in-between, it isn't bad but it isn't great either, there is a dull whininess about the singer's voice that stops the song from climbing to any heights even when it kicks in with its sudden (maiden) faster upbeat chorus. The production is good with everything laid out nice and clearly, there are a very odd couple of bumps at the beginning that have no connection to the song itself but who am I to criticise, oh yeah I'm a critic; well they should be deleted then.

Right, I'm sorry I've run out of words now, this song could be played to death on the radio and I doubt you'd remember it for long, it just doesn't grab your attention, I haven't heard the album but I hope it is more interesting than this.