The Tacticians - Girls grow up faster than boys

With a title such as 'Girls grown up faster then boys', you may expect a loud underlying bass, pounding drums and electric guitars the single cover doesn't help this prediction. But, this track is nothing like that. The title for this second single from up coming album 'Some kind of urban fulfilment', came to vocalist/guitarist Ollie while queuing at a record fair, and noticed mostly men surrounded him. It's the differences among the sexes that respond as inspiration for some of the bands lyrics.

Here, the lyrics are simple, occasionally sarcastic and at times comical. The chorus is catchy with its 'You ain't got no choice, girls grow up faster than boys' repetitive line. The vocals throughout are on queue and do not disappoint. The acoustic guitars and slow paced beat make a change in this latest rock stage of the industry. If this is the type of material to expect from the upcoming album, it looks to be a hit.