Don't knock it until you try it.

Remember this guy? No? ...Didn't think so. Allow me to jog your memory. Tabby Callaghan was one of the runner-up acts from the very first X Factor. Was that the guy with the dodgy haircut, from Ireland who thought he was a Bloody Rock Star?; Yeah, that was him.

And after three years you would probably like to think this guy had went back in his box, got a normal haircut, got a job and gave up on his crazy Rock Star aspirations. Well, you'd be wrong. Tabby's solo career is go and, guess what, it's not all as cringe as you'd imagine.

He's got a good melody in place, some killer lyrics and a funky, pulsating drumbeat. "King of the Town" is probably the best effort I've seen from a TV Talent show reject...honest.