Return single from the 'Shambles.

Another release from Babyshambles is something I approach tentatively as a fan of The Libertines-era Pete. Babyshambles have fallen far short of expectation in the past, so all I can do is retain the hope that one day he'll summon some of that magic again (and no, I'm not talking about drugs here).

The NME claims that 'Delivery' will "remind the world what Pete Doherty should be famous for". That quote is a case of their usual over exaggeration sadly but it's definitely worth pointing out that the more restrained reviewer (i.e.: yours truly) can certainly see that 'Delivery' holds more promise than the majority of 'Down in Albion'. As a single song it is more anthemic sounding with tight guitars and none of the slack style that epitomised much of their previous work. The only low point is the lyrics, lines like "cave my skull in like a prick" hardly seem poetic and the sing song, rhyming style of the chorus "here comes a delivery/straight from the heart of misery" seems only perfunctory. With more fine tuning Babyshambles could be truly great, so all that's left is to pensively way to see what the forthcoming album 'Shotter's Nation' has in store.