Jonah stylee

Good old Gallows, saviours of the UK hardcore scene, purveyors of the greatest live show you'll ever see etc etc. So much has been said and written about this Watford outfit that it's easy to forget that they've only been going two years and have only released one album. It will probably come as a surprise to many that 'In the Belly of a Shark' is only their second proper single release and is duly taken from the album 'Orchestra of Wolves'.

When all the hype is stripped away what you're left with is basically a solid hardcore band. 'In the Belly of a Shark' is a decent enough tune, it's certainly become a live favourite and features a rare guitar solo but it's not their best work and if anything sounds quite restrained next to other tracks such as 'Rolling with the Punches'. It does have their trademark raw edged sound though and Frank Carter's vocals do the job well enough. There are some nice keyboard touches (what? keyboards in hardcore!) that blend in well and give it an extra dimension, as does the aforementioned guitar solo (albeit fairly short).

It's a good offering and whilst the debate rages on about whether they are over-rated or not Gallows can just get on with the business of making good honest hardcore and serving it up to the faithful with a good dose of attitude and why not? Good luck to 'em.