Machine - Please yoursel

Machine comprises of a strange bunch of people, with a sound to match. From the dark brooding, to electronic rhythms of 'Please yourself'; the song just doesn't cut it with this reviewer.

The vocals are from a female songster, and at times crackly while being low and uninteresting. The music is dark now and then, while at times carries on the electronic rhythms and elements. Even when listening to the chorus there is little attraction to the track to pull a listener in, grab their attention and keep them hooked. The guitars are heavy which carries the track into its darker elements, while also including some dance rhythms you may want to boogie to. 'Please yourself' is more of a dance number that you could probably imagine becoming a dance floor hit in the coming months.

There is nothing in this track that is noteworthy, stunning or make you think about albums or touring, so a likely miss.