12 stone toddler - Candles on the cake

Well, this is not what was expected when this CD first dropped on my doormat. What begins as a strange, edgy while upbeat rocky number turns into a great psychedelic track.

The musical talent that is put into 'Candles on the cake' must be music at its best; the guitars are striking. The vocals are at times odd but when placing them alongside the music they are perfect. For the most part, specifically in the chorus, they are high pitched. But, as the verses transcend, the high-pitched vocals are juxtaposed against really low and very deep vocals, that sound a little spooky, to form some amazing harmonies.

The lyrics for this track are metaphorically about getting older - "The wine will age, much better than the face/The candles on the cake, seem to spoil the taste/The smile is thin, the skin is thick, the hands are like a pair of bricks" so I'm not the only one who hates the effects each birthday brings.