The Dodgems Candlewax

ATTENTION!!! This is an announcement THE DODGEMS HAVE A NEW SINGLE!!!

Yes you have just read right. After the release of 'You're not what you used to be' this Sheffield band have another download single up for the takes. As with their previous release, 'Candlewax' is a jumpy little number, but this one sees the band move in a more thoughtful mood, with sections you can imagine yourself dancing (or attempting o dance) along to at a gig. But, the good thing about this one is it has its softer moments.

The vocals are straight cut, show a lot of enthusiasm and can change to fit the mood of the tune in a second. At times they are low with just the odd guitar strike from Phil as support, other time they are packed with numerous sounds and are able to stand above them perfectly. Tom's keys add a soothing touch, like being given a great big hug, which rounds off the song perfectly.

This quick sharp infusion of sound will have you entertained, singing and bouncing along all day.