Heard it all beore? Yeah, but it's still sounds great.

Let's make no qualms about this - "You & Me" is about as original as No-Way-Sis and those seeking something cutting edge, modern and fresh should look elsewhere. But if you are wanting a warm hearted slice of rock pop to listen to while doing the washing up can do far worse than this.

The track opens to a delicate ostnato which turns into a boppy bombast of guitars, drums and cymbals that one can't help but raise a smile to. When the mockney vocals (complete with glotalstops and dropped Hs) kick you are instantly reminded of Lisa Loeb's Stay (I Missed You), so much so that you have to wonder if there is a pending lawsuit is action. There are echoes of Sleeper and The Wannadies here as well, with the latter possibly offering some inspiration for the title.

So, while this is not going to set the world on fire, "You & Me" should satisfy those who just want to tap their toes or simply cannot take any more innovation. What One Night Only lack in revolution they make up for with heart, and for this and this alone, "You & Me" is a winner.