A fuzzy, jangly pleasure.

Every so often a song comes along that sets feet tapping as soon as play is pressed. And "Well Well Well Well" is such a song. Complex it may not be, but for honest-to-goodness rock driven pop this simply does not miss.

Anyone familiar with Britpop should be on familiar ground with "Well Well Well Well". Sounding like a modern version of The Longpigs, Satin Peaches singer, George Morris, sneers his way through a jangly, raucous musical accompaniment with all of the confidence that Crispin Hunt ever had. There is a set influence that harks way back to The Kinks in their late 60s phase, which adds flavour and reinforces just how much a debt to the mid 90s the Satin Peaches owe.

"Well Well Well Well" is a big and bouncy exercise into what singles should be. It probably has the longevity of a Polo mint but, for the moment, this is too good for us to care.