Half Cousin have a strange sound, like Mercury Rev meets Aphex Twin, or something similar. "The Absentee" has a combination of swirly little indie-pop tune mixed with otherworldly bleeps and blops.

While the original is pleasant enough but quite minimal and empty sounding with some sweet indie charm and cute sounds like your favourite old school computer game, the remixes are uninspiring and dull, therefore pointless. The Ingrid Eto remix tails off into rapid fire snippets of vocal and what appears to be the theme tune to Super Mario something or other, and this goes on for eight minutes, while the Justus Kohncke remix appears to be the same as the previous one so it becomes annoying after three seconds. At least the Fujiya and Miyagi remix actually uses bits from the song rather than just playing random beats for an infinitesimal amount of time. Ultimately, it's not happening.