The Maple Room A glimpse of the inside

After forming in 2003, The Maple Room recorded their debut, 'Uncover Everyone', which was re-released in the UK in 2006. 'A glimpse of the inside' is their second full-length album, full of heartfelt melodies, a mix of vocals and guitars that show a lot of talent.

This reviewer admits it; she likes rock music that has a bit of a punch, some vocals that you can sink your teeth into, some sounds you listen to and feel yourself becoming lost in, and some lyrics that have meaning, not just to the band, but the listener as well.

With this album, there are some elements that are exactly what you want to hear. There are the smooth running vocals of Jef Van Doninck that spread the pleasure, and then there are the vocal screams of Dries Mangelschots, who make me, want to run out and purchase some earplugs. 'Sleeping Satellites' with its shouting is not a good way to introduce an album. They may give a more intense sound, but give you a little pain in your ears. The verses of the track have a wonderful mixture of tender harmonies, while the more gentle vocals are brain washing and exert a pull on a listener.

The sounds present on this album run between hard metallic rockers to ballad and soft sounds, which when combined actually form some pretty tremendous tunes. Some of the tracks such as 'The Endeavour' can be misleading as they begins very calm and collected, and continue this way on the verses, it is the screeching vocal of the chorus that ruins the entire track and turns what could have been an amazing ballad style into a screeching mess of sounds. Many of the tracks have a Linkin' Park feel to them at times. Unfortunately there is a problem with the sounds. When listening you will not be mistaken if every track sounds exactly like the track that you previously heard and the one that will follow.

The pounding guitar beginning of 'Pay as you earn' is very well accompanied with the smooth running of guitars throughout. The electric guitar solo on 'Suite Memory' is very good. The only varied sound on the album is from the bonus track you'll find if you continue to listen through 'Doradus Stars', that being it is acoustic.

When listening to this album, if the band of six musicians were aiming to keep a listener entertained and enthralled, then they may have accomplished this on some level, but failed in the variety and diversity of others. The Maple Room may need to consider some different sounds, pace, tempo and volume level to make the next album a worldwide hit.