Suddenly it's 1989 and you're on the M25...

Eclectic is a much maligned term these days. Usually people use it when they simply can't describe what they are hearing. However, in the case of the "Yadnus EP" it truly is the only term that will do. And thank god that it is.

"Yadnus EP" is a great and captivating piece of work. Influences burst out of the title track in quick, fast and layered succession, taking on glam rock, 90s house and indie in one fell swoop. This is what we all really want The Klaxons to sound like. And while the other tracks may not offer quite the quality of "Yadnus", the EP overall has a deep groove that one cannot help but enjoy.

Value aside (the EP only has three tracks and two remixes), "Yadnus EP" is an engaging and enriching experience that will appeal to anyone who has waved a glow stick or just ever had the urge to let go of reason and dance.