metal heavy

Anyone out there remember the seventies metal scene? I’m talking about the Motorhead seventies, when production matched the music; simple and heavy.

Saviours certainly do as this is a bit like going back in time; even on CD it evokes memories of vinyl with rumbling bass sounds and very little sharp top end. They remind me of Motorhead too, with a big landslide of a sound including half shouted vocals reminiscent of the big man Lemmy. Mix this together with several nods to Iron Maiden riffage and you have a couple of songs that while lo-tech are none the less good solid tracks.

Solid is a good word to describe this actually, what finesse there is doesn’t get much of a look in with the rumbling production, pounding drums and cycling riffs but who cares? This is old style metal and obviously doesn’t care what you think.

The disc I have only contains two songs but they are both very similar, very similar indeed, and this could be their Achilles heel. If they put out an entire album like this it would get very samey, very quickly. Both songs are good but more variation would be needed for an album, I’m not criticising then for lack of variation of course, after all I’ve only heard two tracks but I’d have thought they’d have put out two different sounding ones.

Based on this I’d expect them to be a wall of quality sound live and fans of ‘heavy metal’ (there I’ve said it) will get the chance to find out as they are touring the UK in March.