Pop Music With A Country Twang

This is pop music with a country twang, or maybe country music with a pop twang, but it's too commercial for my taste. Jade Gallagher has a beautiful voice and she's gorgeous, but the songs on this album are simplistic to the point that it hurts my sensibilities. I don't want to hear a chorus about how someone wants to fly away from their problems. It sounds like Leanne Rimes without the painful catchiness.

Gallagher does 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls, which feels redundant. We've already heard enough soft-rock out of her, why would we want to hear her interpretation of someone else's mediocre soft-rock? There is another cover on this album that is even more thoroughly revolting though.

Kurt Cobain's 'Haunting Me' features on the album. Why or how, I do not know. It is replete with a string section and Gallagher's trademark (and unnecessary) 'oohs.' Turning Cobain into a piece of mainstream pop music is startlingly vulgar. The fact that Gallagher is released by Easy Money Records makes it even more disgusting.

Everything Nirvana fought against is at play here, and the people making the abuse probably don't even understand the horrible mistake they've made. Maybe This? Maybe Cobain will haunt you for brutalizing his music. You are beautiful though, and you can sing, so why don't you listen to some Nirvana, instead of Shania Twain and write about something real people give a crap about.