No punk rock swagger here

Punk rock: I love it so much that I list it as one of my activities on various social networking sites. I live it everyday from my two fingered salute to multi-national corporations (although I have temped for quite a few of them) and my general attitude to the world. I am not defined by it, but I am it.

F451 aren’t punk like I expected: although, lets not get to a philosophical argument over “What is Punk rock?” as we could be here for hours discussing the minutia of the scene past and present, but they aren’t, this isn’t the gritty, impassioned fare that gives that shimmer of excitement and that kick in the guts.

'The Digerati' is a little too polished and too shiny to be punk rock. Undeniably well produced; it doesn’t leap at you and demand that you hang off every word and riff. It is just a plodding exercise in adequate musicianship and it’s hard to say anything else about it.

Flipside 'Soundbite Artillery' is average too and nothing much more: I’m not sure whether it has anything to do with professional soundbite-ists such as Paul Ross, David Quantick, Jayne Middlemiss who seem to pop up at least one a week on programmes such as “101 Amazing Celebrity Ducks”, but still, it doesn’t make you want to delve deeper, take it to your heart and ponder meanings.

Maybe live is where this band will come into their own and some of that famous punk fury might be injected into their set, but on record, this is just dull.