A Space-Cadets Mind Set To Music

Formerly of Jade Tree’s Zero Zero, vocalist Miss TK is one of those strange but cool head-in-the-clouds kids; the weird one at school who dressed like a hippy and skipped around with an insuppressible grin fixed on their face, singing along to the nameless song that’s playing for them alone. I’ve always wondered what it must be like to live in a world like the one inside their head, and now I have a fair idea.
Produced by Dalek member Alap Momin and featuring the playful synth-work of ex-Lifetime vocalist Ari Katz, ‘XOXO’ is a land full of bright colours and sugary tastes, created with a free-flowing imagination and a child-like enthusiasm for all things fantastical. It actually sounds like the music the T-birds from Grease would make, if they were in fact My Little Ponies. If you can’t imagine that (and I wouldn’t blame you), then try The Donnas covering New Order records; a just left of centre pop that fuses synth-laden new-wave with bubblegum punk and a liberal sprinkling of rainbows, fairy dust and all things pink.
There is just enough of a trashy-edge to avoid it becoming sickly-sweet, instead creating the perfect recipe for cool and carefree summer nights. Even though it’s winter.