Babyshambles - you talk

Peter Doherty is possibly one of the most talked about artists of the last ten years, and often for the wrong reasons. But unlike the regular press I am going to ignore his usual cliché subject matters and focus on their second single from “Shotters Nation”. A sharp and straight forward attacking guitar based Shambles song. The emphasised voice with the Doherty’s lingering pronunciations are the making of this song. As “you talk, you talk a good game” rattles out amongst the gritty guitar it appears a picture is being painted of what Pete and his cohorts wanted to produce.

The direction of this song seems to be a lot more focused than those of the first album. There is a sequence and a notable structure with a clear direction. The romantically loose chorus has Babyshambles written all over it and it helps that their second album doesn’t sound like a home recorded demo.