Kiss my face.

You may not be surprised to hear that the Sargasso Trio feature three people in their band but you may be shocked to learn that they all met in Norwich’s 40 piece marching samba band. It may be to Alan Partridges disgust but perhaps the pedestrian-isation of Norwich city centre assisted the band in their marching ability and paved the way for the Sargasso Trio to make the records they do today. If this is even remotely true, then doff your caps to the city planners in East Anglia

‘Heels On Fire’ has a title that sounds suspiciously like a Bob Dylan track and it has a feel to it that marries country and folk in a way that Bob would surely have approved of. The chorus cant fail to put a smile on your face and the arriba style backing vocals in the second half of the song may not be to everyone’s taste but, along with the cheerful brass section, theres no doubting that it’s a quirky yet fun track. A good contrast may be in Rilo Kiley with both bands having an apparent love of traditional genres of music but with the odd twist and turn thrown in for good measure. ‘Heels On Fire’ ends with what seems like snippets of other songs being thrown into the mix and at first is a bit disorientating but after a few listens, is quite pleasing.

The bonus tracks on the single only add to the quirky factor and again, the amount of styles mixed together amazingly seem to work and it’s a very joyous release that is well worth checking out.

So it just goes to show Alan, perhaps paving paradise to put up a parking lot isn’t all bad.