Saves The Day - Under The Boards

Saves The Day have been together for close to ten years and their most recent release, “Under The Boardwalk” is their 6th full length album release in this time. It is released as the second chapter in a three part venture explaining the bands journey through their career. It is a dynamic and intriguing release which at first glance seems reserved and a little cold but with time pulls you in, takes hold and won’t let go.

From start to finish it is easy to see that the songs recorded for “Under The Boardwalk” are personal moments and reference a time in the life of Saves The Day. “Under The Boards” was said to represent “reflection and remorse” by vocalist Chris Conley and the music on this album is a brilliant expression of these feelings. The songs seem poignant and create a great sense of emotion without ever dragging or seeming depressing.

Opening track “Under The Boards” starts with the words “I wanna crawl into the ground and not come out” and is presented in a slow yet stirring fashion. The track builds throughout and is a powerful opening statement to an album which does well to show a sense of regret in what is mostly an up-beat setting.

The album has some very catchy riffs and a tendency to create funky rhythms mixing wondering bass lines and solid drum beats. It is impressive how well everything seems to fit together on this album with vocals, guitar, bass and drums all merging effortlessly to create brilliant music.

Saves The Day have spent a long time writing and rehearsing these songs in preparation for their recording and it is easy to see when you listen to this release. The tracks are polished and precise and show that the band have taken their time thinking about every detail of the song, from the first to last note.

If you find first impressions very important then this album may not be your cup of tea. It isn’t initially striking or stunningly powerful but I think with time this album will get under your skin and have you struggling to take it out of your CD player. It has an abundance of power in its subtlety and emotion. Saves The Day have once again managed to release an album with catchy and significant tracks that are important additions to the Saves the Day back catalogue.