Refreshingly Simple But Very Moreish

The soft, reedy home-made nature of Emmy The Great's tunes are always a welcome listen, with new single, 'Gabriel' no exception. A sweet folk ode from a young lover marrying for money, 'Gabriel' is a refreshing break from the insipid indie norm as Emmy's vocals float elegantly over the bright acoustic guitars and cavorting strings. The fact that Emmy allegedly wrote the song for a "cute boy from myspace" reflects her quirky charm and down to earth honesty.

B-side, 'If I Had Known The Last Time Was Going To Be The Last Time I Would Have Let You Enjoy It' is a delicate minute long flirtation with rippling guitar notes and tender vocals, it tells the story of the end of a relationship and as such, gives apt closure to Emmy's single, leaving the listener intrigued and wanting more.