Glam rock is resurrected for the 21st century with Teedo’s appealing funky sound

The problem for a lot of new bands surfacing nowadays is the development of real originality in their style. More often than not, another band will have got there first and exhausted a particular idea. So, it’s often pretty risky to try recreating a sound popular 30 years ago and give it a new edge. Teedo are an international rock group based in New York who have done just this. ‘Oh dear’ I thought when I read the press release. But don’t jump to conclusions; Teedo’s sound is irresistible.

The E.P kicks in with ‘You Are My Girl’, a retro, unmistakably glam-rock rhythm that sounds straight from the 70s. The vocals scream Marc Bolan and the undulating synths give it an oriental feel - T-Rex in Tokyo! But don’t think that this is simply a throw-back; it has enough modern hooks to still sound fresh. Of course the synthesizers add a new element, but the guitars grind out a raw reverberating distortion that mixes glam rock with a contemporary indie style.

And Teedo can do more than just vintage rock. ‘Shut The Door On The World’ brings the record up to date, with a funky bassline bubbling underneath a catchy pop groove to show pop-funk bands like the Scissor Sisters how it’s done (ie without the camp cheesiness). ‘King Of The World’ takes the tone down to a mellow, chill-out track. Smooth vocals, dreamy synths and soulful guitar riffs mix to create an intoxicating blend of Sunday-morning indulgence after the Saturday-night high-jinks of the previous two tracks, without sacrificing the funky vibes that make the band’s style so enticing.

Because Teedo’s sound takes a little retro and mixes it with modern funky pop, I can imagine they’ll be popular with a cross-section of different music fans - even the most die-hard rock fans won’t be able to stop their feet tapping along to this. It’s a bit on the pop side of the musical spectrum for my taste, but still - I love it!