Brutal but polished

Make no mistake I should hate this album, it has hardcore overtones running right through it like a flaw in a diamond. Hardcore is a genre with very few redeeming features, usually twelve identical, shouted blasts of noise somehow crammed into twenty five minutes. I fucking hate it.

So why do I like this then? Well, because it has hidden surprises crammed up its sleeve. The first thing that hits you is the production, absolutely top notch, heavy and brutal it piles into you like a jackhammer bringing out the best from laser accurate drumming and riffs that sway from tearing your face off to making you swing your pants. Metal as the 00’s should expect and harking back to nothing.

Vocally is where we’re in hardcore land with a tip of the head to death metal, Drews voice has that screamy hardcore sound that ranges from high and tortured down to shaking your boots growling, all delivered by one very pissed off sounding individual. I’m trying not to lean too heavily on the hardcore side of things because there is a lot more range here than your average screamer, but I need to give you, dear reader, a clue, so think hardcore but with melody and great production.

Aah melody the source of all things listenable, the good news here is that this band has managed to crowbar in a good dollop of melody lifting the album above the shoulders of its peers. Which is what it’s all about at the end of the day. It took a few listens for the melodies to elbow their way forward but once picked up they enhance this album no end.

Not a good one for driving to this though as you find yourself doing 90mph and creating a one man mosh pit on the motorway, I don’t think it’ll stand up in court when I put this album forward as a defence. Also where the hell did the last two songs come from, they’re totally outstanding to the point where they take you by surprise, the album has lots of good ideas on it but the last two songs stick out. One has stolen a Dream Theater fiddly syncopated bit and the other has, dare I say it, emotional guitars on it, I’d pay to see a crowd caught by surprise start looking frantically for their lighters.

This album is hardcore polished until it shines blindingly; it crosses boundaries due to its large grasp of melody and will please anyone with an extreme metal leaning.

Press release says album is out 14th January 2008 but I’m sure it’s already out there.