Brilliant quirk-rock debut.

Scottish four piece Twin Atlantic have charm oozing from every pore; their debut EP is quirk-rock through and through; jagged riffs, rumbling bass lines, awkward stop/start rhythms, melodies that stick with you and not a fake American accent to be heard. Their combination of punk’s rough immediacy and almost pop tunes brings to mind Idlewild in their early days.

The EP has four excellent tunes: ‘Audience and Audio’ is awkward, tuneful and playful; ‘I Cave In’ soars with swirling jangly guitars and endears with sweet melody; ‘Time Is The Enemy’ is emotional and danceable and title track ‘A Guidance From Colour’ begins gently with a lovely, soothing string sound that builds to a stirring crescendo of fuzzy guitar noise and screams that you want to listen to again and again. A brilliant debut full of memorable, quirky tunes that stay with you.