Catchy British punk.

This is certainly punk with a heart; British three piece F451 produce some really fine tunes, all melodic, catchy and with something to say. The opening track on this three track EP “Think, Fight, Live” is ‘Don’t Change The Calendar’ a slice of melodic, hook-laden punk-rock attitude with brilliant riffs and a chorus that begs to be shouted along to, it’s totally infectious and can’t fail to get you up and jumping about your room, fists pumping the air.

‘Everything You Know Is Wrong’ and ‘Science Is Everything’, follow with another energy fuelled boot up the backside carrying you along with anthemic poppy tunes that lay somewhere between Billy Talent and The Clash. Intelligent, catchy and energetic this is an EP of emotionally uplifting and thought provoking tunes from a very likeable British talent.